Navigating Love

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The Creative Process

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Do Not Shut Up!

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A Few Things

Love and Other Distractions:

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A sketch:

IMG_3300-the one


At the Festival

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Peace Flag Project

I was asked if I wanted to do a peace flag for a project a local artist was working on. I was truly inspired to put forth something positive in this world! I liked the idea that they are impermanent (much like a mandala!) and that a peace flag is a creative piece of work with a positive message.

finished sketch:

In progress:

Finished Flag:

You Are Good Enough!

Too often we compare ourselves to others. When you don’t get the job, or the girl, or whatever it is you are seeking, you immediately begin to feel like you don’t measure up. You wonder if you are good enough.

This is my self-esteem building work of art that imagines somewhere in the world there is someone who thinks I am good enough. I  imagine that maybe one day my talent, intellect, and/or my gosh-darn charming personality is validated and good enough!

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