1st Grade Crush

This piece was inspired by the very first Valentine I ever gave to someone. It was a boy that sat behind me in 1st grade. I gave him a pretty romantic Valentine at our 1st grade Valentines’ Day Party. It was a card with a lollipop that said “I love you.” I don’t recall what the card said. Sadly, this big romantic gesture did not work out so well for me. I am impressed with the moxie I had at that young age.  I wish I still had that confidence to give crushes an “I Love You” Valentine. I think next time I have a crush, I’m going to summon that precocious, romantic, 6 year old girl inside me, who said, “Yes I’m going to give that special someone this Valentine and they going to love it and me!”
 photo 8-11_zps0zyfvzi0.jpg


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