The Nice Girl and Desire

I finished this collage a week or so ago and forgot to post it. It’s part of my series on memory and desire. This one is called The Nice Girl and Desire. It sometimes feels as if being the nice girl is not synonymous with being desirable. Your either the hot girl or the nice girl, you can’t be both. I know I am seen as the nice girl. I’ve been told how nice I am, I’ve overheard how nice I am. However, being the nice girl also feels as if I am stripped of that part of me that is passionate and wishes to be desirable even if I do not fit into the preconceived idea of what a woman who has sexual desires might look like. It’s not as if I am going to change who I am, so that part of me is put aside and stifled (unless I am creating art or making something) while I remain single.

 photo 7-15_zpsepzt5fwy.jpg


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