What I’ve Been Up to.

I took a sick day from work and decided to try to work on a collage today. I’ve been on a roll with the themes of Memory and Desire.
 photo IMG_1606_zpslm2mdxos.jpg

This one is obviously about desire. Lately, I have been thinking how the feeling of desire rarely gets me anywhere other than miserable. I have been trying, though not successfully, to not desire things, a significant other, and/or certain attractive women. I’m doing a bang up job as one can see…

 photo 5-16_zpsmqsbptxu.jpg

I finally got around to photographing this piece. This one is titled Young Fantasies. I was thinking of the simplicity of childhood: no bills, desire for significant others, or jobs, or art shows, or a house of your own. Little to no drama, yet you wanted to be an adult, you played make-believe, watched cartoons, and in my case, dreamed of being a princess ballerina fashion designer.

 photo 5-4_zps1e4a4ctv.jpg


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