The End of the Day.

For my Fun-a-Day project, I created an artist journal. I decided to buy the  Strathmore visual journal – they’re affordable, you have the option purchase one with mixed media paper, and it boasts a whooping “65 pages of freedom.” Unfortunately, those “65 pages of freedom” mean you have to put something on both sides of the page, because in reality you only have 35 sheets of paper! I was creating 2 page spreads that were one-sided in case I ever wished to exhibit them outside the journal. I wish I had realized that prior to starting this project. Needless to say, my Fun-a-Day journal is complete and it is January 21st.

This was yesterday’s piece. I had seen a Ted talks about vulnerability and feeling “good enough.”

 photo 1_20_zps9a22da72.jpg

Today’s piece was not a 2 page spread because I ran out of paper, but I figured I’d make good use of the very last page.

I went to see this Colonial art and design exhibit at RISD. They had all these tapestries in varying patterns behind everything (I discovered it was a paper of some sort, one had apparently ripped and someone had used tape on it). The tapestry was my favorite part.

 photo 1_21_zpsa906fbeb.jpg


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