Fun and the Creative Process.

After a million distractions today and yesterday, I began thinking about the creative process.  I don’t think non-creative type people understand that being a creative person means you need to have time to be with yourself…inside your head or multiple heads if a collaboration. It’s just how creativity works – you have to be able to think and not have to process what is going on around you, on top of whipping up a painting for instance. Also, you cannot just whip up a piece of art or whatnot just because you sat down at your desk and the supplies are out, or because someone thinks you can because they see all the art you’ve made. You make it look so easy! I am here to tell you: it is not easy.

That said, here are my fun-a-day pieces. Fun-a-day is all about being creative – anything creative really, you just need to do it for the month of January (or forever if you wish)!

I didn’t have time to post this yesterday:

 photo 1_13_zps295b14ae.jpg

Today’s piece, is swimsuits. The weather is crappy and raining. I thought what a great time to be thinking of swimsuit season!

 photo 1_14_zps9751c7f8.jpg


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