Paint, paint, collage.

Yesterday I started my fun-a-day project, as in I sketched and started gluing down some paper. I was thinking about how I was going out to a bar that evening for a date. My Mother likes to insinuate (on occasion) that I am some sort of club-going, party-girl. I have no idea why she thinks this. Given the fact I hardly date or go out because I’m poor and spend most weekends either working or home alone with my cat, just makes the whole thing laughable. So that was my inspiration.

I didn’t finish the piece yesterday, so today I finished. Once I did, I decided I hated part of it. Since it is a collage, I just glued on more paper. Later, I decided to paint on it as well.

 photo 1-12_zpsfb6fa7ec.jpg

I also started a painting…

 photo IMG_0290_zps4920e4a4.jpg


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