Day one of Fun.

It is January 1st meaning that one, it is New Year’s Day and two, it is the first day of Fun-a-Day. For those not in the know, the premise of Fun-a-Day is to do something creative every single day for a month. Then after the month is through,  there is a big party and work is exhibited or performed or whatnot.

 photo IMG_0142_zpsfa39eb7b.jpg

I have decided (for now) to create a visual journal with a focus on a theme (or themes) and composition. Sure there are folks out there who are totally content with creating art that looks nice and nothing else, but I feel my work needs a back-story or a reason to exist…even if I am the only one who “gets it.” Also, it is going to be two page spreads because I’m really really ambitious. I bought a journal to save myself the trouble of having to bind a book this year.

 photo IMG_0145_zpsded08024.jpg


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