Feminity and Desire (part 2)

I was thinking about femininity, desire and all that goes along with both concepts. There’s this preconceived notion of what femininity is, how it should look and how one should, possibly, act. Walk into a mall and you are assaulted with it – either the shop windows or the women parading around the mall. Everywhere you turn there is someone trying to sell either concept: the idea of being feminine and/or the idea of being desirable. These ideas seem to be marketed towards a heterosexual female. They don’t really try to sell the idea of femininity and desire to you in mainstream media if you are gay, bisexual, queer or transgender (so I guess we have that working for us). Then again, we are not sold the concept to be feminine and desirable because we don’t fit that preconceived mold and possibly are not considered either or even considered by those that would sell products to us. Yet, there are plenty of gay, bisexual, queer and transgendered female identifying folks who would and possibly do buy products that is marketed to make a woman feel feminine and/or desirable.

With these ideas in mind, I shot away…

 photo IMG_6970_zpsbbb2a56c.jpg

 photo IMG_6971_zps71a950fa.jpg


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