Today I really wanted to create or at least start something with some energy.  A portrait I could really beat the crap out of. Turns out I did not have any Masonite to beat the crap out of, so I settled for some mixed media paper.

I thought I’d put down a nice neutral tone or two. I mixed some napthol red with some yellow oxide and some burnt umber and got a nice shit brown. At this point, I thought back to my painting class at RIC and how my professor the first day of class proclaimed that were quite possibly going to do some ugly paintings. It’s true, sometimes you make crappy paintings despite all your plans for a masterpiece. I thought, she’d be proud of my ugly shit brown painting right now.

But I still wanted to do this portrait, so I went back in and covered up most of the brown with a better hue and some yellow and blueish gray. I used a palette knife to paint the the background, kind of giving it a bit a texture. Next time, I’ll work on the rest of the face!

 photo IMG_6394_zps78993bb9.jpg


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