Fashion for the Rest of Us (part 3)

I love fashion as much as the next gal. I have fashion in my blood – my great uncle was a fashion photographer. Perhaps that is where my love of photography and fashion comes from.  I felt the desire to pay homage to fashion photography and all the fashionistas out there with their fashion blogs wearing $3000 shoes in every photo. However, I decided to mix it up a bit. I am modeling clothing that was under $20.

These photos are also a social commentary, we as a society have become narcissistic – its the “look at me” society. We are always connected via our phones, e-readers, computers, and websites to our Facebook accounts, twitter accounts, Pinterest, and whatever new hot social network thing is out there for more people to look at and admire us. Everything needs to be instantaneous and at our fingertips. We don’t talk face to face – we Skype, Facebook message or use FaceTime. Ironically, we are connected by technology and not by being face to face, to have a conversation with, or to touch the people we love or could possibly love. Yet we want them all to ‘friend’ us, and ‘like’ us.


 photo 6_10_3_zpsda3fe2e9.jpg

 photo 6_10_4_zps0a150080.jpg

What I’m wearing: Blazer from Kohls, black tank top from Old Navy, crop pants from NY&Co. (bought on clearance), sandals from Old Navy, sunglasses from Charlotte Russe from several years ago.

What I’m reading: Me and Devil Nick Tosches (on the table), White Oleander Janet Fitch, The Oxford Dictionary, and A Literate Passion: Letters of Anais Nin & Henry Miller 1932-1953 edited by Gunther Stuhlman.


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