“For the Love of Objects”almost complete…

Fun-a-day was really turning out to not be so much fun. I had decided to present my photographs not as a diptych, or the half a dozen other ideas I had come up with. I decided (perhaps foolishly) to make a book. Any other time, I could whip out a hand bound book like nobody’s business in a few days. A single signature book of any sort should be something I could do in my sleep, yet I managed to fuck up every one I’ve attempted – three to be exact. I guess the fourth time is the charm. I managed to put one together… now all I have to do is put the images in, in an interesting way.

 photo IMG_4929_zps8d75beb1.jpg
 photo IMG_4933_zps29f86f5f.jpg
 photo IMG_4935_zps8b70e4c8.jpg


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