Tokens of Affection.

I wanted to be able to stop my busy, busy life and capture something – a moment in time. Or in this case, a photographic inventory of my material possessions. A photograph is a moment in time, even if it is documentation. Our material possessions are what is left of us when we die and that busy busy life of yours is no longer. I’m about living in the moment which I seem to be doing a terrible job at lately. This is my way of controlling that which I can not. This is my my fun-a-day project.  I was also thinking of  the Ilya Kabakov’s Boat of my Life & Audrey Flack’s Vanitas.

When I exhibit the photographs, I am thinking of  presenting an  inventory of the things I own (well if I can get myself to do all that – I own a lot of stuff!). I am going to call this series “For the Love of Objects.”


Today’s objects tokens of affection. I have presented the stuffed animals my girlfriend gave me, a birthday card also from my girlfriend, there is a coaster there that my ex gave me, some journals and fuzzy handcuffs that were for someone who didn’t give two shits about me, so now they are mine.


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