Seeing Red!

I have been thinking lately, how I haven’t had the opportunity this semester to create. I have not even made a drawing!I haven’t had time or the opportunity – and isn’t it ironic that I am studying art education and I haven’t created anything for school this semester?! I haven’t used my imagination for one damn assignment…well maybe there was one.


The other night,  I couldn’t sleep so I whipped out my sketchbook and went to town. I drew various portions of body parts and the crazy blocky, color combinations I thinking for them. Next to the skull I wrote: Feeling like I’m trapped/ in flux of emotions: desirous, rebellious, happy, & angry/ something has to give.

It has taken me several days to even sit down to start an actual piece. I decided to try the piece I am titling “Red Skull” (the glue needs to dry so the skull will be added later). I made a collage using various shades of red. In person this is difficult to even look at.



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