It’s a cup.

The other day in my art education class we were discussing personal meaning in art lessons. One of my classmates happen to mention how completely impersonal creating a still life is. Still lives are typically random things that you make into a picture. You find yourself thinking, yup, that’s a cup or yup that’s a bunch of bottles.

The point being, there is nothing personal or meaningful about still lives unless you just happen to put something personal or meaningful into said still life. Maybe that is why I find still lives so… still, and not full of life in anyway.

For my painting class, we are painting still lives, and mostly it is random shit that we are painting. I chose to make this one, eh, meaningful by painting my coffee cup. Of course if this cup were to smash on floor, I’d be upset… then I’d remember that I have another, just like it, in the same exact color.



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