Calling all artists!

Sex @ the X: III
At Gallery X
169 William St. New Bedford, MA
Curators: Melanie Ducharme & Liz LaValley

Why would anyone feel uncomfortable or upset over the idea of consenting adults having sex or expressing their sexuality, in 2012? It’s taboo, yet human and natural. What is it about sex and sexuality that can make some people uncomfortable? Is it a link from sex and sexuality to pornography, kink, queer sex and people giving in to overwhelming carnal lust? We live in a digital age of accessible sex: anyone can go online and find sex and various expressions of one’s sexuality either through words, video, and images; we can log on to social media or online dating sites and find photos the average person would never pose for. Images of sex and sexuality are present in media as well on as online. With all this, sex should be passé, but it’s not. It still inspires arousal, revulsion, anger, love, politics.

An artist uses the image, and life as a catalyst for their creations. For an artist who works with the erotic, this is a reflection of life: they may be condemning it, condoning it, or simply posing a question for the viewer to decide. However, erotic art is more than just a nude figure. Nudity alone is not necessarily “erotic” and does not necessarily mean the work is expressing the artist’s view of sex and sexuality. Is the artist’s intent, content and context of the work, meant to be erotic? Is it the viewer’s response? How can an artist create the erotic when the erotic is so complex, subjective, and divergent?

With these thoughts in mind, Gallery X asks you to create and submit your erotic works into Sex @ the X:III.

Exhibition Dates: September 5-30th
Open to all artists, submissions are $10 per piece with a limit of 3 pieces per artist. Work must be exhibition ready; 2D ready to hang.
Drop off: Wed-Fri August, 22-24,11am-5pm; Sat/Sun: August 25-26,11am-3pm
Opening Reception: September 8, 7-10pm


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