Happy 5th of July!

And what a happy day it is: I went to Liberty Fest yesterday in Providence and it was fabulous! I went, I rocked out,  I ran under a community sprinkler, I had a vegan milkshake!  Today I received an award letter for an art education scholarship – $2000 less that I will have to pay back in student loans! Thanks Rhode Island Foundation!

I even got to start painting one of my pieces for the mask/disguise series,The Mask We Wear. I’m calling this particular painting “Here I am!” She is going to be this kind of voluptuous, Marylin Monroe type in a creepy/weird mask. To be honest, they’re all going to be wearing creepy/weird masks, think that episode of the Twilight Zone where the creepy masks become part of the people’s face and they can never remove it – I love that one!


a detail shot…
and my painted on desk…


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