Wears the Pants


I was thinking about the concept of being “perfect.” I was thinking about how media and society dictate what the “perfect woman” is or isn’t. What does that look like? What message is that dictating to women and young girls?

This is the career woman, she “wears the pants.” She is also walking a fine line, you don’t want to be a “bitch” for being “too aggressive” or the “slut” who sleeps her way to the top either literally or assumed. However, this woman may be successful, yet she is completely helpless. She is faceless, and therefore without a mouth to speak up for herself. Also, she lacks arms to defend herself or help herself. In the eyes of some, she is “perfect” she can’t speak up and be a “bitch”and she lacks arms to do anything that may otherwise compromise her “perfect” image/perception.


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