Best Face Forward (part 5)


When one goes to an online dating site they may have certain expectations or preconceived ideas. Maybe we form preconceived ideas and expectations the instant we see the person’s profile picture – maybe in viewing this image we suddenly form an idea of this person’s personality.

Online dating is about selling oneself. And that “sale” starts with ones’ profile picture. And here is where my crazy photo project begins…

Today’s hot lady, is the older, sassy lady. You may find her sitting at a bar – any bar really – hair and makeup done to the nines, push-up bra, tight fitting shirt, wearing her vintage pearls, and sipping something “classy” like a cosmopolitan – just like those gals from Sex in the City.

I was inspired by some recent photos of the Ms. America contestants that I seen posted online the other day… and “Jerry Blank” from Strangers with Candy.






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