Best Face Forward (part 4)

When one goes to an online dating site they may have certain expectations or preconceived ideas. Maybe we form preconceived ideas and expectations the instant we see the person’s profile picture – maybe in viewing this image we suddenly form an idea of this person’s personality.

Online dating is about selling oneself. And that “sale” starts with ones’ profile picture. And here is where my crazy photo project begins…

Today’s suitor, a butch, with a unibrow, who likes cars… or at least enjoys posing in a garage.  You might find this butch strutting their stuff down at Girlspot on a Saturday night enjoying such activities as: holding up the bar, trying to pick up single femmes, and drinking Budweiser.

By the way, I didn’t just pose in some random garage, its my Dad’s garage and I’m also wearing his hat, because I’m too girly to own a baseball hat.


The caption for the above photo (if it were on a dating site) would be: Giiirrrl you know you want some of this.





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