Best Face Forward.

Today I was looking through my journal in search of an “art idea” that I had written down a month or so ago. I eventually found it and remembered why I hadn’t gone through with the idea, because it wasn’t that great. But I did come across this poem that I wrote about online dating. The poem needs serious work, however…

In the poem,  I talk about how one goes to an online dating site with these expectations or preconceived ideas. And it is entirely possible that I or others will not fulfill someone’s grand expectations.  Maybe we form preconceived ideas and expectations the instant we see the person’s profile picture – maybe in viewing this image we suddenly form an idea of what this person is like. We combine this with whatever other information they may or may not provide in their profile. And that is what we go on… do we add information in our heads based on this image and profile information?


Online dating is about selling oneself. And that “sale” starts with ones’ profile picture. May sites just show you this page full of avatars with a brief summary of the person. This is your marketability – does that image sell?

And here is where my crazy photo project begins… I decided to create three different personae. I chose to make myself as unmarketable as possible – because we’ve all seen those profile pictures that make us wonder – what were they thinking posting this?!  We begin with the girl trying to be pouty and sexy. 


I also chose to make some photos slightly out of focus, grainy, underdeveloped and/or have horrible backgrounds… like this set that I shot in my bathroom – I’ve seen it done, I don’t understand why.



Next the girl who is “quirky” and “unique” and wears black framed glasses and makes weird faces.



“Not only am I unique, but I read classic literature…”


Next rockabilly, goth-esque girl. She is probably too cool and sassy for this.




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