The end?


I have decided to create photos of my every day life. The mundane, the not so mundane, the chaos, the lust for it, the loss for it and everything in between. I will interpret this in some way through photography for the next month or so.


I feel I may have gotten to the end of the Stop Making Sense project… the semester has ended, I have time to paint, my life still is not perfect and I am uncertain if the images I created helped me gain any insight. However, I created over 60 images within a month’s time frame.  Not to say I will forever stop creating photos, maybe just stop with this project of recording my every day life, for now.  I’m also kind of sick of looking at photos of myself – how does Cindy Sherman do it?!



2 responses to “The end?

  1. I want to see you photograph the every day more. let loose on this and see what happens!

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