Frustrated and Contained.

I have decided to create photos of my every day life. The mundane, the not so mundane, the chaos, the lust for it, the loss for it and everything in between. I will interpret this in some way through photography for the next month or so.


I was thinking today: Why am I like those deteriorating house that I love on Broadway (in Providence, RI)? Why am I like every other abandoned building that I coveted and loved? Because I feel like maybe not everyone sees what there is, maybe it’s an eyesore, but I see it for what it could be. Maybe that is why I love the beauty of things but the seemingly ugly as well – I see beyond it, maybe even just for what it is – something that was beautiful that was left to rot and die.

I was feeling frustrated and contained. The instant I realized I was “frustrated and contained” the idea for these photographs emerged… they remind me of this photographer who had started this “hide and seek” photography/video. I forget her name and she encouraged other artists to do the same – well, better late than never right?

By the way, fitting under that desk was not as easy as it looks.




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