Fashion Backwards.


Today is my last class of the semester! And while sculpture could sometimes be a pain in the ass, it was cathartic to at least be making something, I am so glad I can go back to working on my own artwork.  I can paint again!  I am so energized by the thought of it!!

I couldn’t decide what to wear. And after looking at some fabulous fashion blogs the other day, I thought longingly about my vintage crazy clothes that are totally impractical for sculpture class where everything in the room is dirty and nasty. And I have to install my artwork prior to my critique today.



Messy hair and no make-up… I’m almost like Hilary Clinton (only I’m not.)


I’d say I am “fashion forward” today but really I’m more “fashion backwards” in my high-waisted jeans, David Bowie t-shirt, and pompadour-like hair style.



2 responses to “Fashion Backwards.

  1. These shots looked so beautiful! =)

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