With a Pain in My Chest.

I have decided to create photos of my every day life. The mundane, the not so mundane, the chaos, the lust for it, the loss for it and everything in between. I will interpret this in some way through photography for the next month or so.

It’s been a crazy week and the next two weeks just promise to be equally hectic: the last week of class and finals week! I don’t enjoy being this busy. I like to have time to breathe, to live. Rushing around and stressing out is unhealthy. I’m also pretty certain sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours is equally unhealthy.

This is my pile of teaching stuff… and the Throwing Muses CD that helped keep me sane on the way to school.

And this is my I’m-not-going-to-freak-out face…


One response to “With a Pain in My Chest.

  1. Socrates said that what was important was the dirt under our nails.

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