“Today was supposed to be just another day…”

I have decided to create photos of my every day life. The mundane, the not so mundane, the chaos, the lust for it, the loss for it and everything in between. I will interpret this in some way through photography for the next month or so.

Today’s photos are brought to you by my sculpture (that isn’t yet a sculpture, just a bunch of random pieces of stuff)… I think I finally found a plastic-like material that may work with my piece. My Dad was outside in my parents’ backyard the other day and stretched before him was this silver, shiny stuff. I walked over to him to ask, “What is this?!” Turns out it was a silver tarp. I presume the silver reflects the sun and keeps whatever your covering, cool. Anyhow, he was cutting it and didn’t need the whole thing, so I got the scraps for my sculpture…


This is a strip of the silver tarp sewn to the other material.



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