Stop Making Sense.

Life has been…well, something unexpected as of late. Where to begin? Did it all start at birth or was it somewhere I went wrong? I find myself pondering that – a lot as I struggle with money problems, barely having a social life, almost no time to make my own art, grad school, and being once again single. I long to have it all but at the same time long for everything to be more simple. Could I simply have it all?

In an attempt to grasp some small aspect of my life back, I chose art. Because its how I can stay sane and attempt to make sense of any small part of the world that I can. I have decided to create photos of my every day life. The mundane, the not so mundane, the chaos, the lust for it, the loss for it and everything in between. I will interpret this in some way through photography for the next month or so.





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