Now in 3-D

This semester I took a class called “Sculpture: Wood and Other Materials.” I’m not a sculptor. I pretty much avoid working in 3-D, unless it is some sort of found object in which I sand, paint, and possibly glue things to. I like looking at 3-D art, but as I said when making my first piece for this class, “If a painting took this long to make, I’d paint over it!”

There are times when I take a class and become utterly consumed with it. I can do nothing else artistically. It suddenly becomes incredibly difficult for me to switch back to the world of 2-D while in any class that involves 3-D… so I haven’t painted any of my own work in like a month. But I did make this sculpture out of wood (that yes I cut, painted, screwed and glued), felt-like material, and plastic mesh.



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