Wearing a Beaded Necklace

I fell off the Fun-A-Day wagon a bit. School can be so consuming for the creative, one would think I would be bouncing off the walls with creative ideas for all those assignments thrown at me this week, but I wasn’t. I just wanted to sleep. I attempted two collages and they didn’t come out so great. And I thought maybe that’s it, maybe that is all the collages one gal can do in a lifetime in that short amount of time.

Then, my grandmother gave me a whole bunch of sweet, vintage beaded necklaces.. I just wanted to wear them all at once, but didn’t. I was trying them on and remembered this portrait of Paula Modersohn-Becker wearing nothing but a beaded necklace. Its one of my favorites. I decided to create my own version of a portrait in nothing but a beaded necklace… only its me, I’m not holding a flower, and its a collage.



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