Classes start tomorrow. Then it will be dividing my time and energy between loads of work for school, work for money, and life.I can kiss free time for non-school art work goodbye until May (aka my own vision)! Maybe I can squeeze it in here and there… but I’m not optimistic about it. I feel kind of bitchy about not having school credit for being an artist/future educator (like they’re teaching me in school – ironically). I’m not perfecting my craft, nor do I have time to do so. But its got to be done I suppose, its that or forfeit my graduate degree and the hopes of a better future for myself. Its a double edged sword sometimes.

I feel like I need to be everything for everyone at all times: the super student, the perfect daughter — some sort of super woman who does it all and who is passed out at 10:45pm.

This piece is about those feelings of being divided up, everyone wants a piece of me, everyone wants something. I call it “Divisions.”



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