Purchase. Purchase.

Today’s piece is the result of my cleaning the drawer of doom. Said drawer of doom is where I put receipts, clothing tags, the directions on how to set my watch and buttons, lots and lots of buttons. I kept the buttons because I may one day figure out what shirts go with which buttons. I used the clothing tags as my testament to consumerism. Sure I wasn’t one of the hundreds of people at the Providence Place Mall yesterday carrying at least three bags of stuff – I had none. But judging from the huge collection of clothing tags I would have to say I do have a crazed desire to own lots of fabulous clothing.

Also, looking at the range of sizes for clothes in my own wardrobe could be a statement on how no one knows what size they actually wear! Yet some people are obsessed with wearing small sized clothing, and being skinny. Unfortunately, the clothing manufacturers purposely make clothing large so people will feel good about their bodies and themselves.



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