Life and images

A family member had a health scare the other day, but is now fine. It is scary to think my family and people in general are so fragile and mortal. And sometimes we just up and forget! We’re so busy with our petty issues in life… like taking a nap, or Christmas shopping. When in the end, it isn’t going to matter. The people in your life and love are more important than anything. Your petty issues are just that. Your stuff is just that. It’s the people and the experiences with them and love – love, love, love – that is what we should surround and fill our brains with. And fuck those annoying other things that are like fruit flies pestering. Hell, even I get caught up in the stupidity. We all do… it’s time to break free and breathe, enjoy life. Enjoy the people in it! While its here to enjoy.

And… maybe one day I’ll find someone, to have a romantic relationship with, who can at least share that value, and they don’t list “texting” as a hobby (that should be a requirement).

For now I bring you some photos I took this afternoon…







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