Tis the season to get more stuff

I reworked a sketch that originally was going to be about how women haven’t come far enough out of this restricted Victorian ideal… sexy, alluring models sell women womens’ clothing – just like in the Victorian era only we have more T&A, we still are paid less and some people think all we’re good for is making babies (like the government and those right winged folks who want to control my ovaries and every other womans’). Then,  I started to think about consumerism. So she is apparently thinking of faceless models in low-cut dresses, wine glasses, and flowers.


In the spirit of material objects… comes Jesus Christ Super Sale. I was listening to songs tagged “Jesus Christ Superstar” today on LastFm while doing some holiday decorating.

What I was thinking when making this image, is that it’s ironic that a religious holiday is also associated with mass consumerism.



One response to “Tis the season to get more stuff

  1. Quite right on several counts.

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