A Creative Brick Wall.

“nobody blames me if I cry..”  -Teagan and Sara

Today I was thinking about how frustrating it is to read about and write about other people’s art and make art for other people but not do any of my own work. A painting sits on my easel, unfinished and has been since August.  My own artwork suffers at the hands of my education. Ironic huh?


What really drives me nuts is that by the time I would have time to do art, I’ve been doing art for an assignment/others, or reading/writing about other artists all damn day and now I’m too exhausted to even entertain the idea of being creative! I managed to do some sketches the other night when I was over-tired and had insomnia. The closest I get to doing my own art is photography the other day and the endless, tiresome ordeal of framing my work for a show in November.

Could the universe (or my college) give a gal an f’n break?!



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