Monday Introspection.

Wow I’ve been thinking a lot today.. maybe more than usual. I might need to do some paintings or drawings soon before my introspective head blows up like the CDC did on last season’s The Walking Dead.

I also took some pictures which I will include along with today’s ramblings…


Shortly after taking the above photo, I was driving behind someone  with pro-life bumper stickers on their car.  And my first thought upon seeing the pro-life sticker was that abortion and birth control control the population – we live in an over-populated world in case you haven’t noticed. I’m not saying don’t have kids, I like kids. Maybe think, do you want this child? and can you afford to feed, cloth and care for this child or the multiples that you decide to have? And what kind of world are they inheriting? According to something I read the other day in like 20 years the world population will be something like 10 billion (or maybe we’re there already?) There are already problems, with not enough gas for cars, jobs for people, food, clean water.  I was thinking the earth can only possibly sustain a population like that for so long until we become like this series of paintings I was studying which is called Course of an Empire by Thomas Cole. Basically, said empire starts off as agricultural, then gradually reaches it’s peak point where there is no nature and a crush of people in an urban environment. Then it falls, like all empires eventually do and nature retakes over… but there are no people.  And I was wondering do the pro-life people realize all of this? Maybe they’d be better off just encouraging people to adopt a puppy. Because like T.S. Eliot said in the last verse of Hollow Men, “this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends not with a bang but a whimper.” I think we humans are eventually just going to kill each other and ourselves. I guess being a single, starving artist will be the least of my problems then.


have a great Monday!


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