the long week, and it’s end.

I knew it would come… the sleepless nights, backaches, headaches, sitting in front of my imac for hours and seeming to accomplishing nothing. I haven’t taken a day for myself in at least two weeks. The stack of books on my printer seems to grow every day – it’s almost midterms! The newness and happy-go-lucky feel of classes starting is officially over. I don’t want to see school, we’re all dragging our tired asses to class. It’s work, shit I have to study, a write paper, make art for school and not me, and somehow attempt to have a social/love life (both of which are suffering by the way).


some light reading materials


my cat, Felix, helping me study

I did manage to go and have some fun this weekend at the LowBrow show at Gallery X. If you missed the opening, it’s up until October 30th. It’s a fun show, it was an amazing turnout.  I rounded out an evening of classy art, food and beverages with watching Daria and Strangers with Candy with some friends.


just some of the classy food served at the opening.


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