The Post-it-Note Holder.

I once worked at a retail photo studio. I’ve heard all the horror stories of working in such places. An acquaintance once told me she worked at one one Christmas and said it was the worst job she ever had. My job was okay on most days. There was the occasional client from hell, but hey you can’t please or become friends with everyone. The job paid well enough for me to not have to rely on unemployment. Unfortunately, I went to work one day and noticed I had a message on my cellphone from my boss telling me to call her immediately. I sat in the store parking lot and called her. I found out that the entire retail chain photo studio had gone bankrupt and we were all out of jobs! Oh snap!

The Christmas right before they went bankrupt, all us employees received a company Christmas gift. It was a fucking post-it-note holder. We all had a good laugh at how cheap we thought the company was… who knew it was because that was all they could afford to give us. I decided on that day, that I was going to turn it into art — it’s good to recycle — and now over a year later, I have!


I’m calling it “NWS Post-it-Note Holder.” I think it will be a fine addition to the Gallery X Low-Brow show in October. And hey, I managed to recycle the worst Christmas gift I’ve ever received!




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