Macho Men


I’ve been reading about homoerotisim during the Victorian era… of course the book is more about the homoerotisim (is that a word?) between women during the Victorian era. It’s clearly inspired me nonetheless. Maybe my next image will be a homoerotic one between women.

The book I’m reading is called Between Women: Friendship, Desire and Marriage in Victorian England by Sharon Marcus.  The chapter on marriage is pretty interesting. I think the whole chapter on marriage should be sent to the government, see them try to say gays shouldn’t marry then! Okay maybe the whole argument that what was socially acceptable then should be now isn’t the greatest argument. But fact is, women then could have open, marriage-like relationships with another women and it was socially acceptable. How pathetic is it that its the 2011 and a gay couple, depending on where they live, can not marry each other, legally?!


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