Pop art, patterns, intermingled with pain.


It’s been one of those weeks, it feels like the past several days have in fact been twenty-five days. First, in what feels like the universe’s horrible joke, I failed the Rhode Island teaching certification exam by four fucking points!!! I guess it’s not bad for someone who didn’t take any recent, graduate level classes in the material that was covered on the exam — imagine what I could’ve done had my master’s program actually prepared myself and my fellow classmates! But oh I do get to take undergrad studio and art history classes – why I don’t know — maybe said classes might help me as an art teacher, but certainly will not help me pass the certification exam that is filled with stuff I still don’t know all the answers to and don’t hope to through the school I’m paying money to go to to learn! Is that irony? I’m not sure.


In much happier news, (sort of) a two year anniversary is coming up, unfortunately, my significant other (who the anniversary is with) is in another country and will be there during said anniversary! So happy anniversary to us, maybe the next anniversary will suck less.

For the next month or so until I return to madness, aka, grad school, I’m just going to make art and worry about the rest later… I have three shows I need to prepare for before September. Thus far I’ve done ten paintings and thirteen drawings.





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