The faceless working poor.


Art reflects life right? Sometimes, I hate money — well maybe not money more like what it does to people, the concept of money. It can make people greedy. It can make people crazy. I think about how many hours I’ve spent worrying about how to pay bills, or freaking out when I get a bill that clearly will take years to pay off (thanks Blue Cross of Rhode Island).  And then I see people in stores blow $200 on a shitload of clothes at Old Navy or Target. I watch them swiping their card, carefree, and I think, gee, I’d just like a new shirt, but I have to wait until shirts go on sale. Or until I can find one at Savers.

But on the upside at least there is my semblance of an art career to keep me from completely losing my mind!


I’m not sure what possessed me to paint a mermaid, but I’m glad I went through with it. It would’ve been good for that Mermaid themed show I wanted to enter a million years ago.




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