You are not here.

For all of you that can wake with the sun shining through your window. For those of you that see the sun and then turn over and see the one you love. You have no idea how lucky you are. The petty things you fight over, the way you take each other for granted, when your ugly, when your beautiful. Every time you can look over your morning coffee and bagel and see the sleepy face of the one you love, you are lucky. You have no idea how lucky you are, to have love. For your love to be here — physically here and speak face-to-face to, to touch when you need them.. maybe even when you think you don’t.

I don’t. The people running this country and this state of Rhode Island still insist on the status quo of bigotry. Thanks for fucking up my love life. My hope is that at least it won’t happen to another human being for as long as I live and breathe..  I will fight for every human being’s equal rights as citizens of this state, this country, this universe.

I know change can allegedly be good. However, when change fucks up the one aspect of life that seemed good and pure and wonderful, you really start to wonder how zenful and right change really is. And it makes a girl rather pissy about the whole thing. I find myself having to remind myself not to be so selfish and cry, why me?  But part of me just wants to stamp my feet and yell until I get my way…



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