Cocktail Drawing.

When my good friend, Popicn, suggested the cocktail club get together and have a theme show of cocktails, cigarettes and coffee. I said, “great! sure!” Then I promptly forgot all about it.

I’m not a fan of themed art-shows. I’ll go to a gallery to see one, but to participate, well, I’m a non-conformist. I like to come up with my own ideas. And what goes on inside my head rarely conforms to themed art shows. Besides, I can never seem to come up with something that doesn’t seem stupid. Later, after the show has been up and taken down, I might think “oh, I could’ve done this, or that.”


Unfortunately, this time, I have to do art for a theme show. At first I just stared blankly at my sketchbook cursing inside my head, and sometimes outloud. Then, I decided that it would be a challenge to myself to have to come up with at least four pieces to put in this show since it really is going to happen (in November).
I am proud to say, I currently have multiple sketches, three drawings (one is here), and half a painting for this show.



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