proud Saturday…


the old 195 overpass

Today was the PRIDE festival in Providence, I brought my water, my gay rainbow watch, my dyke-ish cargo capris, my camera… didn’t take any photos at the short amount of time I spent there.. I guess I was blinded by all the rainbow attire everyone was wearing… or trying to remind myself that most of that eye-candy is taken and so am I. Maybe it was the heat. I foolishly parked several streets away, and it was about eighty degrees. I was kicking myself as I walked by parking lots were the ‘smart’ people had parked. Then, I decided to meet some friends halfway across town —luckily, I wore comfortable shoes for that walk across town. It was worth it, I got to hang out with some friends and I’m sure I burnt off half my body weight walking all over town.


from Starbuck on Westminster St.


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