Saturday Blues.

My HP printer has decided to not print photos and barely prints artwork. This wouldn’t be an issue if I were not in the process of printing out a teacher portfolio for school, and of course it’s due this coming week. I’m pretty sure HP owes me a better printer, like one that isn’t theirs. And my Friday night that I wasted fighting the printer. The printer won for now… unless I push it out the window that it sits in front of – then I win.

I also took some lovely photos before the printer madness… like this one of my cat Felix looking very majestic:

I seem to have a blue theme going on…


May 6


May 6


May 6

My gf made these origami flowers that have been hanging out in the back window of my car. I had to take them out now that the weather is warmer and I put the windows down. Turns out paper catches in the wind.


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