waste not, want not.

This piece kind of speaks for itself. I am personally amused by my creative use of unemployment forms that the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training keeps sending me, every time I have to refile. Refiling is just dumb and wasteful of your time and clearly of trees. If your completely unemployed, and then one week you work part-time you have to refile because now your partially unemployed. Then if you are partially unemployed and then suddenly are totally unemployed, guess what? Your refiling baby! You have to call and sit on hold for an hour or more. Or you can refile online and wait like three weeks to have forms sent to you, that you fill out and send back, and don’t think about pay any bills because your broke until they decide to pay you, three weeks after you refile.

I think when I do return to full-time work, I’ll just send them this art piece…


It’s taken me a few weeks to get this one scanned in because, I just haven’t felt like doing it… just like framing, scanning is so damn tedious. I want to be rich and famous one day so I can hire people to do the boring stuff I don’t feel like doing!



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