The small things.

It’s been a very busy week and next week doesn’t promise to be any less busy. Being “busy” makes me worried, more so than “idle.” Being “busy” to me feels like you plow through life without paying much attention to your surroundings or those small details that make life so special. “Busy” seems sad to me. I’d rather just have something to do and not be idle than, shit I’m fucking busy!

Speaking of small details in life, thankfully I started this project in which I photograph my surroundings, for the entire spring semester with either my cellphone or a real camera. The unfortunate outcome, thus far, has been that I wish to photograph everything — that is where editing comes in.

I had never noticed that weird light on the wall, until I took this photo…


March 7

I drive by this house often, I don’t know if anyone actually lives here. It looks like it might be unoccupied. It is the weirdest architecture I’ve seen on an older house in New England. It looks like a haunted house. I want to live there when I grow up.


March 9



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