dooms day dooms day…

the woman in the song sings “doooomsday! dooomsday!” (the song is by Tristen and the Ringers) but really it’s just valentines…

I want to be against it… but then I get candy from my Méme and then a friend who gave me this super fabulous tiger card complete with a tiger tattoo so I can be bad-ass. All weekend I see couples who have matching reds or kids walking around in something v-day inspired. Love is in the air, it’s like spring fever in the middle of a cold New England.

When I see all these sickly sweet valentines in stores I can roll my eyes and be a bad-ass feminist and turn my nose —ha, only a loser falls for that crap… it’s so commercial and  probably funded by the patriarchy, etc. (Okay maybe those aren’t my exact thoughts.) But then the as the day truly approaches, my bad-ass persona/facade fails me — I’m a big romantic fool who longs for happy endings. I want to run around and fling heart-shaped stuff and wear red — and not just because it’s in style this year.

Instead, I sat around this evening with the Cocktail Club and earlier took this seemingly lonely photo in Cranston, that’s a gas station in the background, behind the gas station is the prison…



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