New Ideas.

First off, thank you to all who’ve hit up this blog for my “drawing a day” posts. The last day got so many hits it beat out my “fun facts about masturbation” post and that one hasn’t been beat by any of my previous posts. I guess lots of people need to know about self-pleasure — glad I’m making the world a more self-satisfied place.

The drawing experiment/project has ended because now I can’t seem to come up with anything that doesn’t suck. Maybe I’ll think they’re better with time. I tried to run with whatever the hell popped into my head. Though on the other hand, I think it helped me to just work on the ideas daily and to have to do it daily. To the point where I wish I had time to continue it throughout the year or semester. I know I don’t. So in that spirit. I thought to myself, what could I do, that I’d have time to do throughout the semester between work and school? Photos. Photos typically take far less time to actually do, it’s more the concept and possibly setting things up that are the time consuming, hard part. But what if I took images, digitally of my environment, my surroundings and how they change and don’t change from day to day. And purposely try to focus on parts of my environment that are often overlooked: that trash on the sidewalk, the road construction that seems endless, the way the sun hits the snow, etc. I always have a camera of some sort with me.

Due to my time constraints I will post this once or twice a week opposed to daily.

So in that spirit of letting art happen.. here goes: This week’s theme seems to focus on snow and lots of it!


Coventry. Jan23



Providence. Jan26


Providence. Jan26



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