“making it free-er.”

Today’s musical selection is a departure from yesterday’s angst.. I’m listening to MIA and Co’s “Vicki-Leekx Mixtape,” which is amazing and free to download! This month has been some weird combination of an interesting journey and an upward hill battle. I feel that one of the best things I did for myself was to make a drawing a day. Its really challenged me to work and think about my work. Some days its been, meh and days I’ve surprise myself.

Today I was thinking about my relationship. Its the longest relationship I’ve ever had. I’m grateful and lucky to have met someone that I feel I truly connect with. This is a person who gave me the time of day, got to know me, had the same patience and understanding I’ve given but hadn’t received in a romantic relationship.. oh yeah and then there’s all the passion and sexy time stuff…


This piece was obviously another idea. Its something I’ve been going back and forth with lately, simplicity.. and a sense of inner peace. Having what I want out of life, but knowing there may be a cost to get it. I may have to compromise something, and how much of myself am I willing to compromise. And why do/should I?



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