naked pictures on my wall.


The other week I painted a two-headed bird. Being a typical starving artist, once I had completed the painting, I hung it on my wall. My mother noticed it the other day. She claimed to have lived it. Actually her roundabout complement was that it was “so cute” and that she is used to seeing “naked people” on my walls — from the way she said “naked people” I infer “naked people” to be questionable. Also, saying that I always have “naked people” hanging on my walls sounds far dirtier than it really is… its like some kind of S&M thing, hanging naked people on your wall.. all around the house! I failed to remind my mother that we’re all born naked… and we’re naked under our clothes.

So today, with that thought in mind, I drew this half-naked lady. Maybe I’ll hang her up with all those other damn “naked people.”



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